Setting up a New Virtual Home

The life online is a strange existence. As technology evolves, so does the need to keep up and make sure that a presence, passion or personality is not lost with the latest dot release, version upgrade or newest hardware.   I have been spending the last few days converting the Spry Photography virtual home to a new web service that should offer a more flexible and a more efficient interface for viewing, posting and communication.  Still far from complete, the move has been both maddening and liberating at the same time.  I have had to resist the urge to just regurgitate the same content from my old site and look for a fresh way to demonstrate the passion for a wide gamut of photographic images and subjects that I enjoy.  Maddening in that learning new technology takes you two steps back. The first in learning the new interface but also and more important for me, the second step is in studying and relearning design. Developing the best way to present and lay out the content that may not have been available in an earlier iteration.  Liberating in that the opportunities are so much more broad that I am now generating a list of new photographic projects as a result of seeing what is possible with a new web platform.   Integrating video, stop motion and time lapse are just a few of the new formats that I am looking forward to explore, develop and share.

I hope that the new Spry Images web site and Blog are a regular stop during your web surfing excursions and I hope to provide a worthy wayside rest area on the digital highway.