Mt. Rainier, a Walkabout Through the Clouds.

  I am at the airport in Denver after over 6 months of planning,  finally embarking on a trip to Washington state to once again climb Mt. Rainier.  The team is comprised of 3 other adventure seeking climbers, Rob, Ryan and Adam.  This trip and its participants came about through a variety of circumstances as most travels to the edge do.  The important note here is that there are times in ones life where the boundaries just have to pushed.  I had gotten a bit stale and comfortable with the local activities so this was the catalyst I needed to dig out the old ice axe and get moving. I had thought the flanks of Rainier or any big mountain had seen the last of me as I hit 40 and had a metal hip installed.  Now I am on the verge of Rainier once again and feeling GREAT about it and have Kilimanjaro on the horizon.  Motivation and goals are a very good thing and those around you who inspire them, even better. Carpe Diem.