A few new gadgets - the Ez Share card

I have not yet gotten into the camera body that has built in wifi and that day may be coming soon, but in the meantime I have been looking to be a bit more mobile and nimble with the addition of an iPad mini to my tech arsenal. Having the ability to use a high end compact camera like my s 95 and get images out of it immediately for web or social use is really appealing. For me the holy grail is the ability to shoot and stream images directly to a device in real time but where i can interupt the process and only have selects make the trip. So far that objective has eluded me probably more due to my budget and my willingness to invest a minimal amount of time in the process but was sure there had to be a better way than the eye-if card with direct connect that I purchased a couple years ago. In all fairness, it did work in transferring images wirelessly but it was brutally slow, required a lot of messing around with configurations and although worked OK with my iPad 2, it crashed my android phone after a transfer of every 2 pictures.
I was listening to The Digital Story podcast and Derrick was discussing his love affair with the Toshiba Flash air card and that dialog got me thinking again about how there may be some new and easier off the shelf technology out there. As I googled the FlashAir I came across the EZ Share card that was a little less expensive and touted the same capabilities, "hello Amazon"...
I purchased the EZ Share and to be brief, I could not be more pleased with the functionality in comparison to my old eye-fi. The app is a breeze to install, the card and the mobile device create their own wifi network and presto, selected images can be transferred from the camera to the wireless device. It is so simple and quick that if I want to share pictures off my camera with some friends at the moment, they download the app, I give them my card password so they can select images and pull those images over without me having to go through the hassle of doing it and it is done in literally a couple of minutes. There are a few quirky things in how images can be saved to a camera roll or a picture folder vs. in their own EZ Share album that I have yet to work through but nothing that is a deal breaker as of yet. I purchased 2 more of these cards for my upcoming Africa trip and have recommended them to several people.
Is there a better solution out there? I'm sure there is but for a quick easy and affordable solution, this is a safe bet.